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Ketamine Assisted Therapy - The Safest and Quickest Path to the New You.

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Conventional Therapy Isn't Working

Anti-depressants don’t work for everyone. They are expensive, don't get to the root cause of why you feel depressed, and can have a lot of side effects.

MY Self Wellness' unique approach to Ketamine Therapy allows you to see your past traumas from a new perspective so you can truly begin the healing journey.

You no longer have to feel stuck.

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Relief is as easy as 1,2,3!

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Our clients report the following benefits from their Ketamine Assisted Therapy Sessions:

ketamine assisted psychotherapy in bonita springs fl

The MY Self Wellness Guarantee:

We believe in eating our own cooking.  We wouldn’t ever want to administer any medicine to you that we hadn’t experienced ourselves.  So, we guarantee that each of our amazing staff members that care for you have all experienced exactly what you’ll experience, so they can serve as your trusted experts and guides through your healing journey.

You can transcend your traumas and let go of obstacles on every level of physical, psychological, and spiritual blockages.

MY Self Wellness is home to a network of loving and conscious practitioners who will empower and assist you in unblocking your natural healing energies.

Ketamine Can Help Provide Rapid Relief

The days of waiting weeks for relief are over.


Relief Is Possible


There Is Hope


We Can Help

Unlimited Possibilities

Discover A Place for Hope and Healing

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