Discover the power of Ketamine Therapy for CRPS Treatment

Ketamine Therapy is a fast-acting alternative treatment method for those who have not had success with other forms of treatment and medications.


Ketamine For CRPS Treatment

The nerve pain associated with CRPS can be difficult to treat. Many medications and therapies used for CRPS have adverse side effects and often do not relieve the symptoms. Ketamine treatments are safe and provide relief without the debilitating side effects of pain medications. For many suffering from CRPS, ketamine offers an effective treatment that can allow them to achieve a higher quality of life and relief from their chronic nerve pain.

MY Self Wellness is a leading expert in ketamine therapy and a pioneer in treating pain and mood disorders with IV ketamine. Our clinic in Bonita Springs has offered relief for our clients with ketamine treatments that they could not find through other medications or therapy options. If you have been suffering from CRPS and want to explore ketamine for treating your nerve pain, contact our clinic to schedule your consultation with MY Self Wellness. You deserve a life free of pain from CRPS – find out if ketamine treatment is right for you.

What Is CRPS?

Chronic pain can impact every area of your life. If you suffer from complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS, you know how crippling this type of pain can be and how difficult it is to find effective relief. Ketamine treatments are a safe and effective option to find relief from CRPS when other medication and therapy has not given you relief. Our experienced medical team at MY Self Wellness offers IV ketamine treatments for our clients suffering from CRPS with outstanding results.

Ketamine treatments have been documented to help with many types of chronic pain, including CRPS. Ketamine is a common anesthetic that has been used for decades in hospitals as a sedative and in prescription form for treating depression, chronic pain and other disorders. Ketamine is effective for CRPS due to its ability to block NMDA receptors that can cause the nerve pain associated with this condition. Most CRPS clients experience relief from their chronic pain after their first treatment, with long-term therapy options for ongoing relief.

Does Ketamine Really Help?

Ketamine therapy offers promising results for pain sufferers and may be a viable alternative to most conventional treatments for CRPS. Ketamine works by resetting the central nervous system’s sensitization to pain, thereby providing relief. Unlike opiates which make clients more sensitive to pain over time, Ketamine helps quiet the brain during treatment and restores normal processing of pain in the brain to provide long-term relief.

Studies show Ketamine treatment is a safe and efficacious treatment for managing CRPS in both inclient and outclient settings. Ketamine therapy can treat neuropathic pain that would otherwise require large doses of narcotics or other medications. A 2014 article published in Anesthesia Essays and Researches reveals ketamine can be especially effective for producing sedative and analgesic effects. Ketamine therapy may be just what CRPS sufferers need to get relief from pain symptoms without any side effects.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from CRPS, consider the benefits of ketamine therapy as part of your pain management program. Contact MY Self Wellness today to find out how ketamine can help you get relief from CRPS symptoms.

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