What if healing from depression was simpler and faster than you ever imagined?

Breakthrough Ketamine Treatment in Bonita Springs Gets 98.4% Success In As Little as 3 Weeks*


No matter how dark and hopeless it seems… there is a way out.

We’ve helped hundreds break free from depression. Maybe we can help you too.

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*Success rate based on unpublished internal data of client experience within the MY Self Wellness Clinic. We do not claim any reference to other studies of ketamine or data from other clinics. MY Self Wellness makes no claims or guarantees for individual results.

No matter how dark and hopeless it seems…
there is a way out.

You don’t have to live under a dark cloud of perpetual depression. You can be free from the relentless tension of anxiety.

You can live a life of joy, fulfillment, purpose, and meaning.

Not just a better life… your best life.

And it’s easier and faster than you might believe.

“Nothing Ever Works For Me” The Truth About Treatments

Antidepressants, pharmaceuticals, and even natural therapies ultimately just cover up the symptoms.

The root cause remains.

While “treatments” may offer temporary relief, they never touch the original trauma.

So your depression comes back.

Again and again… and again.

Get Rapid, Long-Term Relief From Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction

Unlocking Emotional Trauma: The Ketamine Breakthrough for Depression

Rage. Self-isolation. Avoidance. Shame-Spiraling. Self-sabotage. Compulsive gambling, sex, eating, drinking, drugs.

Anything to help you forget the pain.

At the dark heart of depression are psychological wounds and emotional traumas. These painful spots are protected by powerful psychological defense mechanisms.

They show up as compulsive, addictive, unconscious patterns. Sometimes it’s behavior. Sometimes it’s an endless loop of negative thoughts. Different patterns, same source.

If you’re reading this, you know how hard they are to change.

Reactive defense patterns are so deep and so emotionally charged they become wired into your brain.

They are like an electric fence, protecting your sensitive wounds. Only it doesn't just keep others out...

Like a prison, it locks your pain in. So the depression comes back. Again.

Talk therapy can rarely break through these kinds of neurological walls.

That’s why ketamine creates such transformational results when every other option fails.

Ketamine acts directly on the neurological systems that trap your pain inside.

It deactivates your defense mechanisms. It turns off the power to the electric fence.

This facilitates a deep, effortless release of the trapped emotional energy. This stimulates neurological reorganization of the brain.

Ketamine instantly stops the negative spiral of thoughts. It works in minutes. The more treatments you have, the longer the effect lasts.

Your mood, behaviors, and reactions automatically change all on their own.

Healing without pain.

Healing with ketamine is about release, relaxation, and surrender.

You quickly enter into a peaceful, relaxed state, free from pain and anxiety.

In this chemically induced meditative state, emotional and psychological trauma can be finally released.

Healing becomes as natural and effortless as old leaves falling from a tree.

Ketamine therapy is simple, effective, and absolutely transformational.

And it all starts with a simple free 2-minute assessment.

Our Process


Once you complete your assessment, you will receive a link to book a free consultation.


On your free call you can ask any questions you have and get all the details about treatment. That way you can make an informed decision if this is the right treatment for you. If you decide to move forward, you can schedule your intake interview and treatment.


We customize your treatment to your unique situation and needs. We hold your hand throughout the entire process. We integrate holistic healing and wellness modalities so you build a strong new foundation to support a new life. This is not about an experience, it is about transformation.

Who is MY Self Wellness?


We are not just a team of healthcare professionals that give you canned protocols.

We are your partners, your guides in healing and transformation.

Every single one of us has suffered from mental health issues.

We know what it’s like to feel buried under an unbearable weight of despair, guilt, and regret.

We know the shame of addiction.

Struggling, lost, stuck, trapped, and alone… we’ve been there. We know the darkness.

And every single one of our staff has healed through ketamine.

Who better to help you through your struggles than someone who truly understands what it is that you are going through?

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