Ego Tripping

Ego Tripping

This is what they had to say:

“You could say the 1970s are alive and well across America. Bell-bottoms are back in fashion (again). Disco hooks have resurfaced in pop hits. And even our collective anxieties feel reminiscent of the Vietnam era: economic instability, political upheaval and pending environmental collapse. Perhaps it’s natural, then, that psychedelics are making big headlines.

In 2022, the buzz surrounding psychedelic compounds, such as MDMA or the psilocybin in magic mushrooms, isn’t centered on the nightlife scene or underground market. Health and mental wellness clinicians are leading the charge—armed with an expanding body of medical research and big-investor money. The value of the psychedelic-related market today is estimated at more than $3 billion, with major biotech and pharmaceutical companies expected to double that figure by 2026 as psychedelic-assisted therapies progress.”

Go read the media coverage piece here:

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