MY Self Wellness Featured in Business Insider Article on Ketamine and Matthew Perry's Death

MY Self Wellness Featured in Business Insider Article on Ketamine and Matthew Perry’s Death

In a recent article published on Business Insider, the tragic death of actor Matthew Perry shed light on the complexities surrounding ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic with both potential life-saving benefits and inherent risks. At the center of this discourse is MY Self Wellness, represented by its Chief Brand Officer, Charles Patti. This blog post will provide a summary of the article and highlight MY Self Wellness’s inclusion in the publication. Due to the anesthetic qualities we DO NOT believe in sending Ketamine to people’s home; That is why we pride ourselves in utilizing our state of the art facility where Ketamine administration is control and supervised by medical staff.

Matthew Perry’s Death and Ketamine:

Matthew Perry’s passing was attributed to the “acute effects” of ketamine, a drug that has gained attention as a potential treatment for depression and anxiety. Charles Patti, the Chief Brand Officer at MY Self Wellness, felt a sense of concern when he saw the headlines linking ketamine to Perry’s death. Patti is part of a Florida-based chain of ketamine clinics that views ketamine as a groundbreaking solution for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

However, Perry’s death led to a wave of discourse focusing on the dangers of ketamine. While an autopsy report suggested that ketamine was a contributing factor, experts cautioned against labeling it as the sole cause of his demise. News outlets and pundits jumped into the discussion, sparking concerns about misinformation surrounding the drug.


The Impact of Celebrity Deaths on Policy:

The article highlights the historical impact of celebrity deaths on drug policy. It draws parallels to past events where high-profile figures’ deaths led to significant changes in legislation. The importance of maintaining nuance in conversations about drugs, such as ketamine, is emphasized.


The Complex History of Ketamine:

Ketamine has a multifaceted history, from its use as an anesthetic to its popularity as a street drug. In recent years, it has gained recognition as a revolutionary mental health treatment. Numerous studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating patients with treatment-resistant depression. The FDA’s approval of a ketamine nasal spray called Spravato further solidified its place in mainstream medicine.

Challenges and Misconceptions:

Despite its potential benefits, ketamine has faced challenges in terms of public perception. Some scientists and journalists have attempted to raise awareness about its risks, but the hype surrounding its positive effects has often overshadowed these efforts. Misconceptions about ketamine as a miracle cure with minimal side effects have misled many.


The Need for Education and Guardrails:

Experts emphasize the importance of educating the public about the responsible use of ketamine. While acknowledging the risks, they also highlight its safety when used under medical supervision. Perry’s tragic death serves as a call for the medical community to establish clear guidelines and safety measures for ketamine practitioners.

Conclusion: In conclusion, MY Self Wellness and Charles Patti found themselves in the midst of a crucial conversation surrounding ketamine following Matthew Perry’s passing. The article in Business Insider sheds light on the complexities and nuances of this issue, emphasizing the need for informed discussion and responsible usage. As the discourse continues, MY Self Wellness remains dedicated to providing ketamine treatments under safe and monitored conditions, ensuring the well-being of their patients.

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