Psychedelic Therapy

Healing Through Psychedelic Therapy


Psychedelics are the future for therapy and mental health! With the appropriate dosage, setting, and intention one can have a life-changing experience. Scientific studies have demonstrated the value of Ketamine  for the use of treating mood disorders, overcoming addiction and chronic pain issues. 

At MY Self Wellness we believe there is no one-size fits all dose. Each session is custom tailored to your own individual journey. We like to consider ourselves artists at navigating the right dose for each person. But with that said, we will work with you with so you will receive the most comfortable experience possible. At MY Self Wellness, we believe in empowering our clients every step of the way, it is your decision on how deep you want to go during each session. 

Ketamine  is known to cause profoundly mystical experiences which can lead to a sense of oneness and can reveal the sacredness of all things. A resurgence of research is bringing us closer to understanding how these elevated states of consciousness can be used to create happier, more joy-filled lives.

Ketamine  allows people to love themselves more, allow love from others, and let go of trauma. It works best when the intent of the client is clarified and affirmed, and when the healers are loving, present and supportive without being intrusive and directive. The intent to heal oneself is an intuitive feeling, not a logical plan. One must trust oneself. The healing love is a function of how evolved and loving the healing staff are, not a doing or a learning, but a part of their beings. How this all works has many theories to explain it. The intuitive knowledge of the staff at MY Self Wellness has been developed to guide and navigate a positive client experience.

Ketamine , like other psychedelics, acts as a gateway to the unconscious mind—but it’s not a true psychedelic. It is a dissociative that causes profound psychedelic experiences. However, until recently, it has been a highly controversial healing modality due to contradictory advice, uncited “experts,” and a heavily stigmatized past.

Today, however, Ketamine  Treatment stands at the forefront of relief treatments.

If you have run out of options or have been dissatisfied with your healing journey—it’s time to try something bold and new.

A Deep Desire to Change

We saw one clients in particular who was highly influenced by her partner’s suggestion and decided to give Ketamine  Treatment a try. Deep down, she may not have really wanted the treatments, but at the same time, she wanted to please her partner. Since her desire to change was minimal, and she didn’t follow through on the preparation or the homework between sessions, she didn’t see any improvement after six sessions. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum was a client primed for success. He was sick and tired of lying in bed for days with depression. He was highly motivated to get his life back and was willing to do whatever it took. Eager to succeed, he followed all of the preparation guidelines and regularly made appointments with his therapist after the Ketamine sessions to integrate what he had learned.

 After Ketamine Treatments, she had this to say,

“I feel excited about life again. You feel like everybody here wants to take care of you, whether that means coming and sitting with you after your treatment, or making sure that you’re OK before you get here, making sure that you have your transportation lined up— I certainly felt like they saw me as an individual, not as a one-size-fits-all. I know that there was a chance that my kids would have ended up without a mom, so this place definitely has a part of me being here today.”

Her eagerness to succeed and active participation in treatment definitely played an important role in the beneficial outcome of her Ketamine  Treatment —one of the many reasons we are passionate in educating ourselves and others on the benefits of Ketamine  Therapy.

The successful outcomes noted in off-label Ketamine  trials included clients with a desire to participate. They were active participants in the study. They may have had to jump over regulatory hurdles, fill out lots of paperwork, and maneuver through the red tape to be in a randomized, blind trial. In a real-world application, this means that clients with a profound desire for change in their lives who are willing to overcome obstacles to receive Ketamine  Treatment see quicker results.

This client had an extraordinary response to the Ketamine  Treatment and needed only a few boosters after the initial treatments. Afterward, he made significant healthy changes, including starting a new job, ending a negative relationship, and improving his daily habits.

A deep desire to change highly influences successful outcomes. We saw Teresa here at MY Self Wellness. She had been in a terrible depression and was so desperate for a better life that she said she would have called the surgeon if someone had told her that cutting off her big toe would stop the pain.

The Belief That One Can Change and Heal

If you’ve ever had a gushing wound on your hand, you likely had to clean it, put on a bandage, and apply antibiotic ointment to assist the healing process, but it did heal. Over time, that band aid will lose its cohesiveness and fall off, this is like our antidepressants. Comparatively, Ketamine , is the surgeon stitching up the open wound. 

The principle of assisted healing also applies to mental health. Humans naturally have the ability and potential to heal, but sometimes we need the support and assistance of our fellow human beings and medications. 

Some people believe that they will never change despite the circumstances. They think that can’t heal and that nothing will ever get better. 

One Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, Ph.D., discusses a fixed versus a growth mindset. These two mindsets reflect the personal beliefs people carry in their lives. The people with a fixed mindset believe that their intelligence is static, and those with a growth mindset think they can develop their intelligence.

So, can you improve intelligence, or is it fixed based upon genetic and environmental factors? What about depression and anxiety, is it fixed or malleable? 

There are undoubtedly biological differences in humans. Diseases such as hypothyroidism, depression, strokes, and NMDA receptor encephalitis can mimic psychiatric disorders. Some people may be genetically or epigenetically prone to have depression or anxiety, but twin studies have shown that depression is not 100% correlated to DNA. This gap in correlation means that two people can have the same exact DNA and similar upbringings, yet one twin may have depression while the other does not. 

Depression and anxiety are influenced by multiple factors, including environment, adverse childhood events, relationships, and community. But I’ve noticed that the people who improve rapidly after Ketamine  treatments carry the belief that they can improve, while those clients who believe there is no way they can change are likely to struggle, seeing little improvement.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.”

— Richard Bach


This trait of openness is not necessarily about a person’s approach to personal relationships but rather their intellectual and experiential openness or receptivity to trying new things. People with a higher level of openness are more creative, adventurous, artistic, less dogmatic, and willing to change their beliefs. They are more flexible, curious, and don’t have a strong need to conform to societal expectations. 


Ketamine  is a psychedelic (mind-altering) drug and cutting-edge treatment. It’s considered to be “the biggest breakthrough in depression research in 50 years.” Unfortunately, it also has a history of recreational abuse and an association with veterinary usage. This unfortunate history makes many leery of the drug, despite the healing it has provided.


Consider that all technology was once taboo in society. Indeed, the radio, television, and robotics in manufacturing had undergone suspicion and a period of cultural hesitancy before we began enjoying their benefits. Likewise, Ketamine is revolutionary in its benefits but will likely have to undergo a period of suspicion and skepticism before wide acceptance. Those who forgo suspicion, relying on the scientific evidence, stand to benefit greatly from the therapeutic properties of Ketamine —yourself included!


For someone to consider Ketamine  Therapy as an alternative implies having an open mind and a willingness to try something novel. It means that this person can change their beliefs more readily and consider new perspectives in their lives. This very openness primes them to succeed on their healing journey, and it is healing we pursue alongside our clients.


Many people have a subtle openness and a curiosity but fear psychedelics. They wonder how the treatment will affect them. When asked about his Ketamine  Treatments at MY Self Wellness in Bonita Springs, FL, Michael Childress responded,

“You don’t think about anything that doesn’t even matter, other than, I’m going to say, love…I believe that the Ketamine  acts as a conduit for you to achieve your own greatness.”


Here at MY Self Wellness, we understand our clientss’ initial apprehension and make every effort to create a nurturing environment. We are here to support your journey, and hand you the tools you need along the way.

Our client Sterling had this to say,

“I felt nothing but love and support. They were literally holding my hand, and they allowed me to explore the Ketamine Therapy in a very, very safe, comfortable and loving, trusting environment… The first night after my therapy, I could easily go through half a case of beer a night; it just doesn’t even affect me. So, what do I do? I take my dog for a walk and pop a beer. Pop a second beer, and I got severely nauseous, and I threw up, to the point where, since that day, which was mid-August, I want to say, I have not touched a beer since.” 



With curiosity, receptivity, and openness, let us press forward toward the therapeutic endeavors that show radically transformative powers that heal and reward those who undergo the journey.

If you or someone you love is suffering from Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, OCD, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Pain, know that there is hope and that you do not need to suffer anymore. Contact us now for a consultation to see if you would be an ideal candidate for Ketamine  Therapy at MY Self Wellness, Bonita Springs, FL

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The Process

Book a Consultation

To find out if ketamine therapy is an appropriate treatment option for you, we invite you to book a consultation. Within 24 hours of the assessment, you will be contacted by a wellness professional to help you schedule and prepare for your initial ketamine evaluation with our psychiatrist.

Complete the Forms

Prior to your first visit you must fill out the required forms. A link will be emailed to you after you book your appointment of you can fill them out here.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Your first appointment will be with our psychiatrist, Dr. Andrew Ferber. During the 30 minute visit you will discuss your mental and physical health, both past and current as well as the reasons you are seeking ketamine treatments. If approved you will meet with one of our wellness professionals to go over your ketamine wellness plan. This is determined by a number of factors including current mood, mental health history, tolerance to medications and psychedelics, your assessment scores, and overall health. Your wellness journey is unique to you and, because of that, we custom tailor your ketamine treatment and any supplemental services to meet your exact needs. This can include psychotherapy sessions, integration sessions or groups, dietary planning assistance, yoga classes, meditation groups, healing circles, workout activities, and more.

Before Your First Treatment

Please carefully read the pre-treatment instructions concerning guidelines for your experience to be successful.

Setting Your Intentions

In order to facilitate a positive experience, both set and setting have to be taken into consideration. We have taken great care to ensure that the setting is relaxed and comfortable and we offer music, soft lighting, blankets, sleep masks, etc. in order for you to allow yourself to let go. But how do you prepare your mindset for an experience? The best way to do this is through setting intentions. An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to live and a way to bring heart and mind into alignment.

Your First Treatment

It is not uncommon to feel a little nervous or apprehensive prior to a session, especially the first one. You will work with our staff to find an appropriate dose during your treatment. Generally you will titrate up to larger doses in subsequent sessions which can lead to more profound experiences. No two experiences are the same and no one can tell you what you may experience. Learn about “Trust – Let Go – Be Open”.

Integrating Your Experience

Ketamine can do a lot of amazing things, but it cannot change your diet, habits, environment, or who you associate with. All of these things have to come from the individual and it takes courage and bravery to facilitate these changes. In the days and weeks that follow an experience, it may become easier to allow these changes to become a part of your usual lifestyle. However, it is important that if these changes are resisted the will to make these changes may fade. That is why it is imperative to reflect, integrate, and make changes directly following a session.

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